Community Assessment

Southeast Kansas Regional Assessment
A collaborative effort of SEK-CAP, Inc. and Project 17
Published April 6, 2015.
The Annual Update was approved by the Governing Board on September 15, 2016.

Executive Summary
Southeast Kansans are working to improve our economy and increase our quality of life. These changes will only occur when regional leaders come together, engage unusual voices, and work through transformative changes. The following are, perhaps, the most critical activities to support and encourage those positive changes:

  • Becoming and presenting ourselves as an united region, culturally and economically.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of regional communication, including:
    • Among local and regional businesses.
    • Across media platforms.
    • Coordination of and cross-promotion of events and attractions.
    • Promoting local and regional expertise.
    • Increasing awareness of local employment opportunities.
  • Deepening collaboration between school districts, institutions of higher education, and industry.
  • Changing the narrative of the region to one of “innovation and entrepreneurship,” rather than “poverty and loss.”
  • Expanding general public transportation options, targeting employment transit.
  • Expanding access to safe and affordable housing through increased coordination of resources and non-traditional development strategies.

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