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Section 8 Waitlist Update

We are not currently accepting applications for Section 8 Rental Assistance. We do not know when we will start taking applications again. When we do, we will announce it ahead of time through local news media, SEK-CAP social media pages, and this website.

The current waitlist has over 200 applicants, with an estimated wait time of 2 years from the date of application. Applicants are selected from the waitlist in order of date/time of application. If you are already on the waitlist, please keep us updated if your phone number or mailing address changes, so we can contact you when we reach your name on the list.


Timi Myers

Housing Director




SEK-CAP is an outstanding place to work. As an employee who cares about helping people and changing lives, you will be richly rewarded.

SEK-CAP has a proven history of advocacy, involvement, and action to benefit individuals and families that are struggling. Saying you care is easy.  Proving you care through action and dedication to serving others is more of a challenging task.

SEK-CAP provides employees and customers an opportunity for growth and a means to help themselves and each other.  Joining our team requires respect for the history of community action and the work of so many dedicated visionaries.  SEK-CAP employment is a means of adding to a legacy and making a difference in your world!

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