history of SEK-CAP

SEK-CAP is a leader in the state of Kansas and one of eight organizations designated to receive Community Service Block Grants (CSBG).  As a member of the national Community Action Partnership, representing over 1,000 agencies, we embrace innovation and encourage civic involvement. Our rich 50-year history of service to the people and communities of southeast Kansas represents outstanding commitment and dedication over the years by countless employees, volunteers, and partners. 

After the Economic Opportunity Act was signed in 1964, the following organizations formed in southeast Kansas to answer Lyndon Johnson's call to begin the war on poverty:

 ABL, Inc. - Served the counties of Allen, Bourbon and Linn.
 SEK-CAP, Inc. - Served the counties of Cherokee and Crawford.
 SOCAP - Served the counties of Montgomery and Labette.

These three organizations combined forces as the Southeast Kansas Community Action Program. We expanded into Neosho, Wilson, and Woodson counties in 1996 and Chautauqua and Elk in 2001. Today we continue to serve these 12 counties.